The eighth month


So August is upon us. I set some lofty goals for the month. I posted this on some of my social media sites. 

Here are my writing goals for the month of August:

I have completed half of Chapter 6 of my ongoing story Beef Witch You  and hope to be ready to start Chapter 7 midweek while I finish up and edit Chapter 6. That is how I have been able to post between 3500  to 3700 word chapters weekly. Beef Witch You will be a novella. Eventually I  will write a novella for each sector of Forestdale.  They will be free and published on Wattpad and Inkitt. I think it's a good way to practice and improve my writing while slowly building an audience. 

I invested a little into some marketing efforts to drive readers to my books on Wattpad. The effect over all,  has been minimal at best. I have gained some very loyal followers of the story which makes me happy. 
I have also tried jumping on some writerslift or writerlifts on Twitter but again, it's slow going. I did, however,  find a very interesting short story by an Australian author I had never heard of, and was very pleased with the book. I reviewed it on Amazon and GoodReads. 
I am not going to put it on my Who She Reads blog.

I am still suffering from headaches, fever and coughing up phlegm so writing is slow and not flowing as easily as it was at the beginning of the story.  I found that I accidentally switched tense in Chapter 6 and had to go back and correct the beginning of Chapter 6. 

I think I am suffering from some kind of Virus brain. Possibly, I am just getting old... ! But on the bright side, at least I caught the mistake early on. 

The hardest goal this month will be editing 2 chapters of Ginnie Transformed.  I am still undecided on a cover. I made a few different ones but ended up hating then all. I am sure it will get sorted. I have some eager book cover designers hounding me but their prices are expensive and I have no idea what I want. Not a clue. I know what I don't want. I don't want people on my cover. The search continues.

I did a little updating to the cover of Beef Witch You. Who knew a little writing prompt could start such a fun writing journey? 

My wonderful readers, I hope you are well and thanks for stopping by the blog.


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