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September already update.

  Good gravy!! It's already September. Half of the month is gone by. Hi, my lovely readers!! I did it yall!! I finished my first draft of my novella Beef Witch You .  To type the words The End.    Life changing. I completed something that was not on my list of life things. I have written 2 complete novellas.  Kissing in the Rain: an erotic short story collection  Beef Witch You   (it's a semi-light hearted fun witch fantasy) I  still have a bit more editing, but I created the book cover myself and found a pro to make a promotional video for the story. I think it turned out nice.  Did you know that I have a Spotify playlist for Beef Witch You?  I paid for some advertising last month, but it didn't help as much as I expected.  I made a tiktok page but I don't want to be in front of a camera. I have no desire to attempt any of the latest trends and since I am a new writer...not a new actor, I wonder how it will help me gain exposure for my writing.  Last night I wrote stor

The editing conversation

  The editing debate...  I am in the category of broke writers. I invested in grammarly premium, under $200 (after using it several times, I can see the difference and now I catch more errors while writing) I also had a lot of stomach aches, frustration and tears, trying to figure out how to rewrite something that I thought was fine; but with editing sounded better. I sometimes worry that I will lose what I think is the originality of my voice. But then I  think, do readers really care about my voice or just want to read a great story.  On grammarly, I don't stop editing until I get that 100 score, then go back like the rebel I sometimes am, and change a word that they said would be too difficult for knowledgeable readers. Which drops my score to 99. As a person who likes getting the best score possible, it's a constant source of anxiety for me. Grammarly offers structural editing pros.  I checked the price for one chapter of one of my current wip novellas. I edited using their

Writing the characters

  Writing marginalized characters This was posted on @mpiper_writes on IG I think it's a wonderful piece of advice and a great discussion as a fledgling writer.  I have an Egyptian Trans character, a bi male, a gay female and an asexual character in my wip Ginnie Transformed. They are all side characters. I focused more on the personality than trying to tell their story, but wanted diverse representation in my story.  Just like when I used to read romance growing up and never saw a woman of color represented as a love interest. I like seeing the pieces of a character that aren't perfect and more authors are incorporating this aspect into their books. But mentioning sometimes is better than writing as the premise because looking from the outside in is a whole different perspective.   I am a black woman married to a white man. My father's second wife was white, and the brothers and sister I was raised with are biracial which came with its own set of challenges.  My childhood