Hi, there readers and writers. 

A special shoutout to aspiring, unpublished, newly emerging, and independent or indie authors and writers! I write under the pen name Venis Nytes. I used to do book blogging, was a book tour host, and did author promotions and reviews for indie authors that wrote fiction. I also had author events to help bring awareness to different types of books in the fiction genre. Then I started writing. I used to write when I was younger, but it wasn't appropriate or acceptable to write adult stories in my teens in the '80s. Fast forward through life, and I am once more trying to write.  

I have the first draft works on Wattpad, Literotica, and NSFWstories.com.  I write fiction intended for adults.

I currently have 4 wips. 

That is not my fault. The characters in those stories were supposed to be in short stories, and they rebelled and started telling me these amazing stories. I just hope I can relay them as fabulously as I see them in my mind. The stories we tell ourselves ...am I right?! Some of the covers may change closer to publication.

I have completed a novella-length book of erotic short stories. I need help formatting and self-publishing. Now I just have to find formatters and an editor that won't want to punch me in the face. I am networking with a few potential pros to have the short story collection, pictured below, published this year. Hopefully, Ginnie Transformed will be published this year. E-Volv is set for hopefully 2022. UNNAMED and TIME LESS...well... sometime afterward.

As of now, I am unpublished and will most likely go the self-publishing route. My intent was to write short stories, but a few became these epic tales in my head, so I have some novels living in me. Who knew?

I will be pulling off the first drafts from the other blog and placing them here. Once the domain expires, I will probably change the name of this blog. I will link this blog to my website, and for the authors that I did the few book reviews for back then, I apologize, but they will not follow over to this blog. I still love you, though!

Blog posts will be scheduled at 12:30 am (or after midnight) hence the original blog name, so you can read them before you fall asleep first thing in the morning.

I made a website for my writing at 


Facebook   Twitter  and  IG  

I am learning about writing as I go. I have no formal training in writing, but I did recently purchase the Neil Gaiman Masterclass. I am an author of color and a female writer. Join me on my writing adventure. Or just read my blog, please.

Yes, I am a pantser. I can hear your disappointed sighs, see you fainting, falling out of your chairs, and banging your head on your desk. That's a lot of k's you will need to delete. I do have endings written out, so that is something, right? Ok then! 

I ask that you please stick with me as I grow. Especially if you are an aspiring writer like myself or a new writer of fiction.

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