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KITR: Aspine

  Aspine Aspine (first draft) The first strike of lightning was followed by an ominous rumble of thunder. A heavy downpour of rain soon followed. Simon, Aspine's tabby, let out a sorrowful meow as he scurried to safety under her bed. "Scaredy cat." Aspine admonished gently with a slight smirk. She pulled up the soft down comforter and snuggled deeper into the soft haven of her bed. Streaks of light danced across her bedroom wall, lighting up the darkness in zebra stripes of whitewash. The rain patter across the roof played a treble beat of the seductive rhythm, soothing to her ears. The splashing water drops on the pavement outside her window, made for a sultry acoustic accompaniment. She thought of him then. The guy from the bar. The guitar player. His pale grey eyes haunted, as he picked and strummed his custom, Jaguar Fender. The power he possessed over the crowd, over her, spread through her very being like a drug. His music rippled through the air and landed gently