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The story formally known as The Ties that Bind

  THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY Hello Readers,  I hope that you have enjoyed the first 10 parts of the story, formally known as  The Ties that Bind .  I had an excellent time writing, imagining, and making up this story when I first started working on it from September through December 2015.  Who could have imagined that in 2020 we would be hit worldwide with a virus? I could not really get back into writing the story last year, so I just did some reworking of it and pretty much tore it apart and worked on it some offline.  I created a new book cover for it as part of the many changes. Much of what you read will still be kept, but there is quite a bit of new content as well. The story will be paced slower. I promise to keep the bedroom scenes. Writing when emotional is dangerous because after having a bad day ....well, let's just say one of the characters is lying in a pool of blood in the current rewrite.  Not dead but dying. I have not decided what to do because it was done during a

The Ties that Bind part 10

  The Ties that Bind part 10 (first draft) Standing in the middle of the bathroom, I slipped on the socks he left me and visualized the agency in my mind. Specifically, the lab where I knew Caterina or Lance would be able to help me. I have not seen or spoken to her in about a year and a half, or was it two. They monitor us by the chip embedded in our skin in our wrist. All of the office buildings that use Temps are outfitted with security scanners which also send our bios every time we pass through them. I arrived safely in the lab. It was early, so the lights were out, and no one was there. I did not want to take a chance to come through the main lobby. They would have made a big thing about protocols.  And seeing the way I was dressed, trust me, it was better this way . The lab was cold. I did not have time to look around. I knew before I opened my eyes, Caterina was just arriving. She came into the lab early on the weekends so she could go home early. Lance would be here in about

The Ties that Bind part 9

  The Ties that Bind part 9 (first draft) Noel woke first a few hours later and stretched his tall body beneath the covers. As he opened his eyes, his gaze fell upon the sleeping beauty that was Lissa.  He watched the small rise and fall of her chest and heard her sigh contently in her sleep. He wondered if she was dreaming about him. A devilish smile played across his lips as he slowly lifted the covers away to peek at the beautiful mounds hiding beneath the sheets. God, she was gorgeous, and they fit together so well. His body reacted hard to the thought. He let the covers fall back over her and snuggled in closer, pulling her into his arms. She barely stirred. "You are one heavy sleeper," Noel whispered against her cheek, kissing her face. A small smile touched the corner of her lips, but still, she did not wake fully. He could not believe his good fortune. Noel did not necessarily believe in luck or coincidences, but he was thanking whatever lucky stars brought them toget

The Ties that Bind part 8

  The Ties that Bind - part 8 (first draft) (A visual inspired short story in honor of #NationalBowTie Day) In the bathroom, he turned on the water, and steam quickly filled the enclosure. He made sure to adjust the water stream to two. "You can control the water temperature by voice. Just say hotter or colder. It adjusts in 5-degree increments." Noel informed me as he moved to the sink and looked at his jaw, contemplating shaving.  I noticed he also looked at his neck and rubbed his hand over the area where I bit him. A small twinge of guilt assailed me. I excused myself to use the toilet, which thankfully had a door. The weight of what I needed to do was heavy. I was not sure I could go through with it. I usually never questioned the agency. But this. This didn't seem logical. I looked out of the bathroom window and saw the stars twinkling above the city. Would this be my daylight now?  Would I be able to even go out in the sun anymore? What about chocolate. Please tell