The Ties that Bind part 10


The Ties that Bind part 10 (first draft)

Standing in the middle of the bathroom, I slipped on the socks he left me and visualized the agency in my mind. Specifically, the lab where I knew Caterina or Lance would be able to help me. I have not seen or spoken to her in about a year and a half, or was it two. They monitor us by the chip embedded in our skin in our wrist. All of the office buildings that use Temps are outfitted with security scanners which also send our bios every time we pass through them.

I arrived safely in the lab. It was early, so the lights were out, and no one was there. I did not want to take a chance to come through the main lobby. They would have made a big thing about protocols. And seeing the way I was dressed, trust me, it was better this way. The lab was cold. I did not have time to look around.

I knew before I opened my eyes, Caterina was just arriving. She came into the lab early on the weekends so she could go home early. Lance would be here in about an hour. They were really a great team. Both graduating at the top of their classes and scooped up by EVolv before they had officially graduated.  

"Caterina, please don't turn on the lights," I said, hoping she would recognize my voice.

"Oh my gosh, that you...?" She asked in a loud whisper

"Yes," I answered before she could say my name.

"Why are you here?" She asked. "This is against protocol. Wait a minute. How did you get in here?" I heard her put her purse and keys on her desk. I was standing in front of a glass case with lots of serums in it. She came over and gasped when she saw me. Wow, do I look that bad?

"I popped over. Teleported, I guess. At least, that is what I think I did. " I answered, "Look, I don't know what happened to me. About 2 years ago, I started changing. I can read people's minds, hear, see and feel what they are thinking. I also think that I am becoming a vam....a vam....a..." I could not say the word. It would make it real.

"Of course," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "That would explain why your eyes are glowing, and you are experiencing light sensitivity." She explained as she went over to a cabinet and grabbed two small boxes. She opened one and filled the dropper. "I'm going to put some drops in your eyes. It will sting for a moment, but you should have immediate relief." I put my head back as the liquid splashed into my eyes. The sting was minor compared to the relief I felt in my eyes.

" Blink a few times to make sure it gets in there good. This should last for 7 days," she instructed. I did as she instructed as she walked over to the light panel and flicked on a few lights.

" You ok?" Caterina asked. I shook my head yes.

"I need to know what's happening, Cat. " I asked. "I only have a few minutes before I need to get back." I sat on the stool near her desk.

Caterina smirked as she took in my attire. "Temps get all the fun," she said, "Ok, here's the quick and dirty so you can get back to your target."

"When you were acquired by Evolv, you were injected with some DNA enhancers, some for beauty, others to make you more effective in the field, like the mind-reading. The Stoker gene was randomly and blindly given to 10 of you. Honestly, you are the first to show any signs that it has bonded successfully with your DNA. So you have vampirical traits. But we have remedies for most of the downsides, like having to sleep in a coffin, turning to ash in the sun...Oh, about that ..." she scurried to the glass case and unlocked a hidden panel, and came back and grabbed my arm and injected me with a white substance.


Ignoring my outburst, she continued. ..

"This will make your body produce a ...let's just call it a natural sunblock about 500 SPF. We can't chance to lose you in a fiery catastrophe. You will need to inject yourself every 30 days. I will have a box sent to you with your supplies." She was busy writing notes. "Oh, let me get a quick blood sample." She drew my blood from the back of my hand to save time without using a wrap.

"I bit him. I drank his blood," I said sadly.

"You bit someone?" She echoed, looking up at me. " You fed on someone?"

"Not someone, my target. I didn't mean to. I couldn't help myself." I said in a remorseful tone.

"Is he dead? " she asked cautiously. I shook my head no.

"Is he aware you bit him and fed on him?" She asked even more cautiously

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Room record audio and visual," Caterina commanded

"He said his neck was sore. " I answered, "What is that disgusting acidic drool that fills my mouth...." I stopped talking as she removed the needle and labels the vial. She is smiling broadly and squealing.

"So you have functioning canines?! Let me see them," she says, turning back to me. I opened my mouth and leaned my head back. I heard the camera focus as I ran my tongue over my teeth. Nothing abnormal seemed to be going on.

"Hmmm, I don't see anything out of the normal. Your teeth look magnificent, by the way." She said, stepping back from me and folding her arms across her chest. I closed my mouth.

"What we're you doing before you bit him?" She asked. "Maybe we can replicate it."

I gave her a sarcastic look and looked down at the oversized tee-shirt I was wearing. 

I am in an oversized tee-shirt, socks and no the math.

"Oh...Oh!" She says, clearing her throat. "OK, well, um... the acidic taste is anesthesia. So it won't hurt when you bite him. Just remember to lick, bite, suck, lick again to close the wound. Speaking of which, you may want to lick the back of your hand where I drew the blood." 

I looked down and licked it and the little puncture mark closed.

"It's only happened to me when I was around him and was aroused. I sent him into a deeper sleep the second time. The first time we were, well, you know...I said with a hint of embarrassment.

She looked at me silently with a raised eyebrow.

"Let me show you. It will be quicker than trying to explain." I crashed through her mind. Caterina grabbed her head in pain.  I was letting her see the moment I bit him. Hear the thunderous sound of his pulse. Taste the bitter, acidic drool in my mouth. She ran to the sink and retched.

I pulled out of her mind.

"I am sorry, Cat, usually I am gentle, but I only have about a few minutes to get back before he gets upstairs with the tea."

Ever the scientist, she picked up a scalpel and made a tiny cut on her neck near her vein. Blood flowed quickly out of the small wound.

"What the hell are you doing?" I hopped off the stool and ran over to her. Actually, I was sitting one moment and next to her the next. Not sure that qualifies as running. I grabbed her by her hair and licked her neck. The small cut closed. She dropped the scalpel in the sink and sighed.

"Oh my, that feels heavenly. I got a little wet." She breathed. Our breasts were touching, and she was clearly turned on. She moved her body against mine suggestively. I could smell her desire. Then I heard it; her pulse sang to me. My mouth ached, and I could feel my teeth elongate. My stomach knotted beneath Noel's tee shirt. I opened my mouth, zeroing in on her neck. Her heart was racing. She grabbed my face and pushed my chin upward.

"Camera one zoom and focus burst shot 10." I looked up as the camera above her responded, quickly taking pictures.

"I'm sorry, K. I am not sure what came over me," Cat said as she grabbed a long q-tip and stabbed the drool pooling in my mouth. I let go of her hair as she squeezed past me and went to the fridge. 

Well, that was fucking awkward.

Her heart was hammering in her chest. Her desire was obvious.

"I'm not...usually like that. I guess I got turned on by the images and been reading too many vampire books, and you are...well fuck, you are smokin' hot. He must have given you extra Allure or something." Cat said, clearly flustered

I just stood there listening to her pulse—my body warming. I turned and spit in the sink and ran the water after. I took a few deep breaths. Then rinsed my blood off of the scalpel. But did not replace it in the sink.

To be continued...

© Venis Nytes


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