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You can now read Beef WITCH You on Amazon

  Beef WITCH You is now published on Amazon and can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited. If you are a blogger or bookstagrammer, booktok, or indie author influencer, you can request a copy from to read and review.  Amazon   or Kindle Unlimited Two witches, one huge beef.  Savanah Knighton, a human earth witch,  moves to the witch suburb Forest Haven to hide her secret magical harvest. Savanah is befriended by a real blood-born witch, Beatriz.  Their friendship, Savanah's secret magical harvest, and Beatriz suddenly disappear.  What in the broomsticks is going on?  Will Savanah find more than her missing magical property? Follow the story to find out! Welcome to Forestdale!  The rules are simple! The residents...not so much. I am so happy to share my writing with you all. I hope you will become one of my beloved NYTE Readers and join the growing amount of readers enjoying my stories. If you like strong female leads, diverse characters, a touch of magic, and roman

I am published!

  Finally, I figured out how to get my completed book of short stories on Amazon.  That means I am officially published. I started with my book of erotic short stories since it was getting close to 5000 reads on an online writing app. I hope it won't hurt my sales. It is a novella-length book with four unique stories giving a glimpse into the characters' lives that lead to a romantic encounter.  * Warnings: Tales are purely fictional and for the purpose of entertainment only. There are explicit depictions of sexual acts, graphic adult language, group sex, possession, MMF sex, consensual sex, adult characters, older characters I even made a Spotify playlist for it to enjoy while you read alone or with a partner. The book: Amazon     or      Kindle Unlimited A debut erotic collection of 4 short stories. Each story in Kissing in the Rain has captured the characters in a small moment of time that leads to