The story formally known as The Ties that Bind



Hello Readers, 

I hope that you have enjoyed the first 10 parts of the story, formally known as 

The Ties that Bind

I had an excellent time writing, imagining, and making up this story when I first started working on it from September through December 2015. 

Who could have imagined that in 2020 we would be hit worldwide with a virus? I could not really get back into writing the story last year, so I just did some reworking of it and pretty much tore it apart and worked on it some offline. 

I created a new book cover for it as part of the many changes. Much of what you read will still be kept, but there is quite a bit of new content as well. The story will be paced slower. I promise to keep the bedroom scenes. Writing when emotional is dangerous because after having a bad day ....well, let's just say one of the characters is lying in a pool of blood in the current rewrite. 

Not dead but dying. I have not decided what to do because it was done during an emotional time for me. I cried. I discussed it with my husband and still have not figured out what I am going to do. I have left it alone and worked on other parts and finally have put it away for a while while I finish writing what will be my first published novel. More on that later.

I am still having trouble with the tense and pov. I will have all of it sorted by publication time. Fingers and toes crossed. No worries, right?!

If you follow me on FaceBookIG, and Twitter, you already know what I am about to say.

The story has been renamed from The Ties that Bind to E-Volv, and the cover has changed from this. 

to this one that I made recently and am much more proud of and will align with what will now be a series. (What a difference a few years can make, huh?)

I think this cover better represents the tech, time, and overall feel of the story.

Thank you so much! But...

The story you just spent the last 10 days reading part by part has been changed quite a bit. A lot of it has been reworked, expanded and the chapters have been moved around. Some chapters have still not been placed yet. As I said earlier, more content has been added, and since it is no longer a short story, it will be a 2 or 3 book series. I could afford to slow the pace of the story down some. My goal is to have it self-published in 2022.

Dear reader, don't fret! You can read the first 3 parts of the story in its first (second draft) on my website at

I still have to work on the worldbuilding in this story, but that will come after I finish getting it all written down. 

E-Volv was the first potentially novel-length story that I wrote.  The other wips came in a brainstorming rush. Parts of the other WIPS and the writing journey to get there will be shared as we go along. 

Again, I hoped you enjoyed my initial attempt at a short story first draft but had way more to say than I expected. I am still working on telling the story, choosing if multiple povs will be best, what tense to use, and how to narrate at times. 

I like the parts where K, my MC, talks to the reader of the story. I am not sure how it will turn out overall, but there will be a lot of inner dialogue, and I thought even though this was a serious story, it could be fun as we get her take on some of the things happening in the story.

Go to part 1 of The Ties that Bind

Thank you for reading and hanging out on my blog with me.

If you are a new writer, indie author, aspiring writer, please connect with me on social media. I already have some writing pros lined up to help get my books to the self-publishing finish line!


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