The Ties that Bind part 8


The Ties that Bind - part 8 (first draft)

(A visual inspired short story in honor of #NationalBowTie Day)

In the bathroom, he turned on the water, and steam quickly filled the enclosure. He made sure to adjust the water stream to two.

"You can control the water temperature by voice. Just say hotter or colder. It adjusts in 5-degree increments." Noel informed me as he moved to the sink and looked at his jaw, contemplating shaving. 

I noticed he also looked at his neck and rubbed his hand over the area where I bit him. A small twinge of guilt assailed me.

I excused myself to use the toilet, which thankfully had a door.
The weight of what I needed to do was heavy. I was not sure I could go through with it. I usually never questioned the agency. But this. This didn't seem logical. I looked out of the bathroom window and saw the stars twinkling above the city. Would this be my daylight now? 

Would I be able to even go out in the sun anymore? What about chocolate. Please tell me I can at least still eat chocolate. Why couldn't I just steal what they wanted and leave? Why this? I wondered as I left the toilet room and joined Noel in the shower. It didn't help that he was a genuinely nice guy.

The spray of the water felt good, but I did like it a bit hotter. The system quickly adjusted to my commands. Noel took the liberty of soaping my body from head to toe, kissing me deeply as he went about the task. 

Spending extra time on my already sensitive snacks and goodies.

He was arousing my body again, and I let a small moan escape. Noel kissed me once more, capturing my moan in his mouth, and then turned to the task of soaping his body quickly. I closed my eyes and stepped under the stream of water to start rinsing off.  I liked his shower so much better than mine. It was larger and voice-activated. So much cooler. I touched my tongue to my teeth, and everything seemed to still be normal.  

Well, as normal as can be for me. 

I was not sure how I felt about this latest change. Would I not be able to walk in the sunlight after tonight? Would I have to give up regular food, chocolate? 

I know I keep harping on chocolate, but it is important to me.

Noel's hands were suddenly on my waist, cutting into my thoughts, and I could feel him pressing his hard length against my ass. I spread my arms out on the shower wall in front of me, bracing myself and pressing back into him. Noel groaned his approval and kissed my shoulder. I wanted more of him. I needed more of him.

"Too soon?" he asked. I shook my head no. He smiled against my neck.

"Spread your legs for me, Lissa," He whispered in my ear.

I obliged and was soon filled by his cock once more. He moved slowly in and out, in long delicious strokes as if he had all the time in the world. His hands were rubbing my hips and the sides of my plump ass like I had a genie in there. 

I could grant him a few wishes if he liked. 

I looked back at him over my shoulder. He kissed me and thrust hard as he deepened the kiss.

"You feel so good, Lissa," Noel murmured. His pace quickening slightly. He planted kisses on my shoulders and neck. I moved my ass against him as I met his thrusts. His hands moved from my waist to cupping a boob in each hand. Pinching and rolling my nipples. Noel's thrusts were a little harder now, and I could feel him swelling inside me. I was still sensitive from our last love-making session. But he did say he wanted to make love to me all night long. He was certainly starting off well.

He groaned loudly as I matched him stroke for stroke. I was on my toes now, rolling my hips as I push back against Noel's thrusts. We fit together so well. He was touching me in places that I had not experienced before. Mmmmm.

"Hold still, Lissa. Let me give you pleasure now. I stopped meeting him at each stroke and planted my feet firmly on the shower floor. Noel pulsed slightly in and out of me, not totally filling me, as he was so intent on doing before, his swollen head massaging my g spot. My thighs quivered at the newest sensation. My head fell forward, and I leaned on the shower wall. Noel moved one hand down to play with my swollen clit as he teased me with his cock. He captured my earlobe in his mouth and sucked gently—his right hand pinching my nipple and squeezing my breast. The water still beat down on us. Our skin was already sensitive. I writhed and moaned under this new pleasure.

Just when I did not think I could take it anymore, He pushed hard all the way inside me. Causing me to yell out and lift onto my tiptoes. Thank goodness he had his arm around me, or I think I might have collapsed. Noel apologized and stopped. He removed his cock from my body and stepping back. Thinking he had hurt me.

"No, no. Keep going. Please don't stop." I said, reaching for him, not wanting to lose the sensation. He grabbed me and turned me around, pressing my back to the cold tile, and lifted my legs around his waist as he impaled me once more. He looked at me to make sure I was ok. 

Fuck me hard! I screamed in my head.

"I won't break"  is what I said out loud, biting my lip and hanging on to him tighter, lifting my hips off the wall. 

What? I can't have the man thinking I'm a complete slut.

He didn't go slow this time. He plowed into me hard. His cock made my body sail on a sea of pleasure. The wall giving him much more purchase than the soft bed. Each stroke hit home for both of us. I was going to come hard if he kept this pace. I could feel my center start to pulsate once more. I touched his mind, and he was reaching for that point of euphoria again. His cock was full, and each stroke was filled with overwhelming sensation. His balls were tight, slapping my ass with each thrust intensifying both of our pleasure. He sped up his pace as he felt his legs and arms start to burn and quake.

"Oh..... Yes, Noel," I sighed, "yes like that, like that!" I felt his cock swell and throb hard inside me. My center was fluttering. I was heating up again. My stomach muscles were quivering.

Noel lifted me off the wall and wrapped his arms tightly around me. He backed up into the center of the shower and said one word.

"Rain," the shower immediately changed to a soft rain pattern above us. I looked into his eyes as the water fell down around us. It felt like everything was in slow motion as he began to move inside me again. Somewhere in the distance, I heard Corciolli's Rain playing. 

It could have possibly been all in my head.

I crushed my lips to his. My lips pressing hard, my tongue demanding sanctuary inside. He opened his mouth and offered me his tongue. I shared his mind once more, and he was living his fantasy with me. 

Remember the convo we had from the diner? The one he also masturbated to when I accidentally popped into his shower....yeah, that one. True life is definitely better than Memorex.

I hung on to him for dear life as he kissed me deeply. Noel lifted me up and down on his hard cock as I ground my hips at each thrust, taking him deeper. Reaching for that sweet spot right along with him. Noel chased water droplets down my breast and sucked them off of my nipples.  And it didn't take long before we were both trembling and shaking through another powerful release. The lights briefly flickered. Noel didn't seem to notice. Noel gently set me down but held me to him for a few moments afterward. I watched the water trail off of his chest. I listened to his heartbeat.

"Let me wash you this time," I said after a while. 

I soaped us both good taking a little more time on him to once again admire his tall, well-built frame. I kissed him all over in random spots as I washed him.

"We are never going to get out of this shower if you keep that up" he grabbed my hand and put it on his stiffening cock. Placing a chaste kiss on it, I agreed.

"You are right," and took him into my mouth. Afterward, we rinsed off together before exiting the shower.

Noel handed me a big fluffy towel and then came over and dried me off, kissing me as he went. I giggled like a dumb teenager as he flipped me with the towel, indicating he was done. Using the same towel, he quickly dried himself.

Naked, I went to the sink and looked in the mirror. My messy bun was truly a mess. I started unpinning it so that my hair cascaded down around my shoulders in a big bushy mess of tangles. I tried running my fingers through it, but it was not helping much.

"Leave it, Lissa," Noel spoke behind me. "I like the way you look"  I smiled at him in the mirror." 

Yes, ladies and gents, the thoroughly fucked looked by KeLissa Hill.

"Noel, you can't be serious. I look like I was just having sex," I said

"No..." He corrected. "you look like you were thoroughly, properly, and satisfyingly made love to. Besides, no one is going to see you for the next couple of hours, besides me."

"Oh... I see the difference..!" I said, laughing as he came behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

He laughed along with me. Wow, he was sexy. Even his laugh sent tingles down my spine.

"I assure you there is a difference...I would be happy to show you," and with that, he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, where he tossed me unceremoniously onto the bed and dived on it after me. I squealed and tried to roll away, but he quickly grabbed my ankle, dragging me back to him.  We wrestled around on the bed for a while, laughing and kissing until I managed to pin him under me. Our eyes met as I sat upon his stomach, sweeping my unruly hair out of my face.  The way he stared up at me was a little unsettling. My heart thumped.

Noel rubbed his neck again where I had bitten him. I wondered if it hurt.

"Is your neck bothering you?" I asked him, "Maybe you got a little whiplash when you came, amateur!." I joked

He smiled, lowering his hand from his neck and settling them on my waist.
"It feels a little sore. Nothing I can't deal with...vampire," He said, laughing. 

My heart jerked at the implication. 

I made sure I laughed with him and acted like I was going to bite his neck again." 

I vant to suck your blood, " I said in a corny Count Chocula voice. 

Seriously? It's a cereal from the 20th century... turned the milk chocolate. look it up on HistoryTube 

"Wait. Did you just call me an amateur?" he said, flipping me over onto my back and straddling me, pinning my hands to my sides. "Take it back," he said as he playfully flicked my nipples with his tongue.

"Nope!" I said, teasing him. A flash of heat streaked through my body, pooling in my center.

"Take it back, Lissa" He growled and sucked hard on each nipple until it was swollen and I was writhing under him once more. Seeing I was not going to concede so easily, Noel decided to up the sensation factor by softly rubbing a finger along the slit of my slightly swollen lips.

"Oh, so not fair!" I sighed as his finger slid inside me and his thumb circled my clit.

"Take it back, Lissa." He said in his sexy baritone voice. His hand worked my flesh into a soaking wet quivering mass. I was gasping and writhing uncontrollably as he kept me on the edge of another orgasm, refusing to let me climax. This was such sweet torture. 


My stomach clenched painfully. My eyes blurred, and my gums started that familiar ache. His pulse sounded like bass drums in my head. 

Shit! Oh no... not now!

"Ok, you win. I take it back!  I take it back!" I yelled. Squeezing my eyes shut and willing myself not to come. 

Breathe it out, breathe it out

"I am the master!" He declared, withdrawing his dripping fingers and bending over to kiss me before rolling off of me onto his back. I barely heard him over the sound of his pulse roaring in my ears.

"Are you trying to give me blue pussy?" I asked after a few moments. "You can't just tease me and string me along like that ...You know I will make you pay for that," I said coyly.

"You have been doing that to me since I first saw you. I share your sentiment Lissa" Noel answered, drowsiness heavy in his voice. 

"I just need to close my eyes for a moment, and then if you want, I will have you for breakfast." Noel drifted off to sleep. 

My center clenched at his words.

The ache in my mouth was persistent. I could feel that they were about half of the way extended. I looked over at Noel. His vein throbbed so invitingly. I licked my lips. 

I just need a little bit. Whoa, hold on! The fact I am even considering this is scary.

I don't think I can get away with biting him a second time without him knowing. In the movies, the vamps usually put the victim in a trance or some shit. I slid off the bed onto the floor, twisting my ring. 

My ring!  

Maybe I can just accidentally scratch him with it.

My mind was spinning, but I was not coming up with any good ideas.

I stood up and shook Noel, "Get under the covers," I said. 

Noel stood up in his beautiful naked glory and pulled the covers back, ever the gentleman.

"After you," he said, stifling a yawn. I climbed in between the sheets, and he snuggled next to me, pinning me with the weight of his arm across my chest. I prayed he wouldn't throw his leg over. 

If he is one of those, I am so out of here. 

Lucky for him his leg stayed put.

You are now in a deep, deep sleep

I touched his mind to see if he was indeed sleeping deeply. He was in stage 3 rem. Before I could change my mind, I bit him. That same nasty, acidic taste filled my mouth right before I bit him. My center clenched at the contact. His blood filled my mouth. I gulped several mouthfuls before stopping. Licking him like before, I watched as the tiny wounds healed. Tears fell again as I rolled over on my side. Loneliness assailed me for the first time in years. 

I'm not a vampire. I am not a fucking vampire. I'm not a vampire. Wait, No one sired me, right? So what the hell am I?

Funny how I fantasized being a vampire would be cool. I watched those old Twilight movies and read all of the Historical vampire fiction from writers like Anne Rice, JR Ward, Laurell K Hamilton, Ellen Schrieber, and Christine Feehan when I was in training school.
This...This did not feel anything like what they described. Not like I want to sparkle and shit or even have to lay in the dirt. 

OMG! that would so not happen.

And now knowing what they expect from me...I  needed to make contact. Someone had some explaining to do. I know it's against protocol to return during an assignment, but these fuckers truly have me flapping in the wind.

I looked over at Noel as he slept peacefully, unaware. He was a beautiful sight. I lightly touched his arm, feeling the smooth skin that covered his muscular frame. I need answers if they want me to finish this assignment. Closing my eyes, I finally fell asleep.

To be continued...

©Venis Nytes


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