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Aspine (first draft)

The first strike of lightning was followed by an ominous rumble of thunder. A heavy downpour of rain soon followed. Simon, Aspine's tabby, let out a sorrowful meow as he scurried to safety under her bed.

"Scaredy cat." Aspine admonished gently with a slight smirk. She pulled up the soft down comforter and snuggled deeper into the soft haven of her bed.

Streaks of light danced across her bedroom wall, lighting up the darkness in zebra stripes of whitewash. The rain patter across the roof played a treble beat of the seductive rhythm, soothing to her ears. The splashing water drops on the pavement outside her window, made for a sultry acoustic accompaniment. She thought of him then.

The guy from the bar. The guitar player. His pale grey eyes haunted, as he picked and strummed his custom, Jaguar Fender. The power he possessed over the crowd, over her, spread through her very being like a drug. His music rippled through the air and landed gently on those secret aching places. Each strum, like a beautiful stroke against her body, each pluck like a butterfly kiss invading her mind.

She was not sure why she was so fascinated by him, or why she had even ended up in this bar. She was not really the bar type. She had spent many an evening on her balcony listening to the music as snippets escaped when patrons entered and exited. Nothing had ever enticed her to come through the doors before tonight. She had seen many couples share private moments in that alley, doing things to each other that would not be talked about in the light of the next day.

Tonight had been different. It was like the music drew her in. Not just any music, but the music he was playing. She got up from her chaise on the balcony and walked down the alley to the bar, only hesitating slightly as she pushed through the double doors and entered. Aspine made her way to the bar and ordered two longnecks.  After getting her beer, she looked out to see if she could find an open place to sit and enjoy the music. Quickly drinking the contents of the first beer before leaving the bar, she was now full of liquid courage.

He had been playing his heart out. It felt like his fingers were possessed the last two nights they had been playing this gig. He felt like he was possessed and then she walked into the bar. His heart had done something it had not done in a long while. It stuttered with happiness. He swore he could feel it actually swell in joy. His fingers floated across the strings. He decided to play a new song from the band's repertoire. It was called Rain Drop Kisses. Guaranteed to get everyone laid, he promised his band members as he wrote it late into the night.

In his heart, he felt he was writing for his soul mate. He hoped the song would call to her. He was tired of being alone. He wanted something tangible, something real.  He nodded to the band as she found her way to the bar and just as she was turning to look for a place to sit the song started its first haunting chords. He especially liked this song because he wrote it and he gave himself a great solo piece to play. It would give him a chance to be out front and center for a few minutes. Just as he expected, the house lights dimmed and the crowd rushed to the dance floor. The lilting lyrics and seductive guitar chords calling everyone to dance like the pied piper.

In the darkness of the bar, lit by flashing strobes of light and banker lamps hovering over pool tables, the outlines of shadowed bodies filled the tables and chairs. Small crowds gathered in clumps around the bar and dining area, steadfastly avoiding the dance floor. Only a few brave souls were dancing in slow rhythmic motions. Aspine sipped on her second beer as she moved closer towards the dance floor, hoping to find an open chair near there. As she approached the dance floor, the music changed. All around the bar, seats emptied, as everyone rushed to the dance floor.

The dance floor was packed with bodies amidst the swirls of smoke, giving the place an otherworldly vibe. She felt the notes as they reached her ears, and burrowed into her mind and chest. Each note touched her, caressed her. Dancing and gyrating to the music, Aspine felt it was as if he was playing just for her.  She had unknowingly danced her way right up to the front and center of the dance floor. Was she carried there by the throng of bar-goers she wondered briefly?

She truly could not remember how she had arrived there, nor did she care. She was in his space and that was all that mattered at the moment. She thought maybe that she had one too many drinks and almost set her beer down on the corner of the stage. Deciding against it, she swallowed more of the amber liquid.

[end of sample]

From where she was standing, she could see the worn out athletic shoes that ended at the bottom of his torn, jean clad legs. Following the length of his legs upward  to his tattoo covered arms, Aspine admired the nice artwork. She watched his fingers caress each note, coaxing the Fender to his will. Aspine so wanted to be the instrument that his fingers played.

She continued up to his Def Leppard tee shirt clad chest. His chest muscles were clearly defined. His dirty blonde hair was shaved on the sides and pulled back into an impressive man bun on top. He had a strong jawline accented by a dimple in his chin and pale grey eyes. He was a guitar god.

Aspine watched him as he looked out at the dancing, captive audience. A sea of flesh mesmerized by the touch of his fingers. His pale grey eyes searching, beckoning. Across the ocean of bodies and dimly lit dance floor his eyes met hers and she felt a spark go through her body. He walked closer to the edge of the stage and kneeled down in front of her. His fingers played frantically across the strings. In that moment, he played just for her. Aspine placed her beer bottle on the edge of the stage  so she could dance freely.

She heard the roar of the crowd loud in her ears. He played the solo like he was speaking to her in a secret language. She lifted her arms above her head and spun in a circle letting his music caress every inch of her body. He reached out and took her hand in his. He placed a soft kiss on her fingers before rising again, taking her beer with him and drinking the contents while walking back to center stage.

Aspine's eyes looked incredulously at the spot where his lips had just been. The heat from his mouth still imprinted there. She pressed her hand to her cheek as she continued to sway to the music. Shortly afterward, the last strains of the song came to an end and the band members left the stage. The dj continued much too slowly with  another thumping song. The magic spell she felt was broken. The bodies on the dance floor dispersed. Before long she was one of just a few left on the dance floor. She felt barren, bereft, as she walked away slowly, once again wondering what had made her come here. She felt alone. She decided to go sit at the bar. There was a large crowd around the bar. Aspine soon realized finding a place to sit was futile.

Disappointed, Aspine decided to go home. Turning to head to the door she nearly ran into...him.

"Hello" he said in a sultry voice that held a hint of musicality. His voice sounded like a song was just simmering under each word.

"Hi back" Aspine answered in a slightly higher octave than normal. He leaned down slightly so he could speak directly into her ear.

"I have an extra if you are interested"  He said as he held up an unopened bottle of Bud. Aspine looked at the bottle briefly considering her options before shaking her head yes and taking it from him. Technically he owed her one.

"Thank you." she said.

"No prob. I got it for Max, but he seems to be ...preoccupied." He explained.

Aspine followed his hand as he thumbed over his shoulder to the band's singer involved in heavy kissing and petting in a corner booth.

"Oh, well then. Lucky me!" She said smiling and holding up her beer in a mock toast.

He returned her smile and air toasted her back before taking a drink from his bottle. Brian studied her for a while before leading her to a booth near the back of the bar. Aspine followed, that trance-like feeling starting to engulf her again.

"I have never seen you in here before." He said as he waited for her to sit down and then scooted in next to her.

He noticed she had not yet opened her beer. Taking it from her, he twisted off the top and handed it back to her. He took another long draw from his bottle. She smiled her thank you and took a long swig.

Aspine could see him watching her with fascination as she nursed the cool liquid down her throat. She silently prayed she would not dribble any on her blouse. She slowly licked the rim to ensure that did not happen before realizing that might not seem ladylike to him. A small heated flush colored her face.

He watched the muscles in her neck work as she swallowed. His thoughts went to a very dark place. Electric waves of heat gathered in his jeans as his eyes traveled from her neck to her mouth. He was watching her as she sucked gently on the lip of the beer bottle and licked a drop off of the rim. He fidgeted in his seat as he tried to reign in his wayward thoughts. It was with great effort that he tore his eyes away from her mouth and quietly studied her face. He waited silently for her to remove the bottle from her lips.

She had short blonde hair with purple bangs that covered her right eye. He could see she was tattooed on her neck and curiously, wondered where it ended. Her eyes were liquid amber with flecks of green and gold. He could lose himself in her eyes if he let himself.

Aspine placed the bottle on the table and turned a bit in her seat so she would be facing him. He was even more delicious close up. She wondered what he would feel like underneath her, her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

"I don't really do the bar thing. It was the music. It was very good so I decided to come down and have a listen." She said finally responding to his earlier statement.

"I am glad you did." he said "So what's your name?" He asked as he lifted the bottle once more to his lips.


"Oh, like the mountains?" He stated "That's different."

"Thanks, but it only sounds like the mountains. Its spelled different."  She spelled her name for him "A-S-P-I-N-E"

He lifted an eyebrow. "Definitely different and beautiful just like you."

She blushed and smiled  at the compliment. She lowered her eyes, looking down at her lap.
"Thanks." she said simply.

He raised his hand to her cheek and gently stroked the soft skin there. He felt the vibration of her soft sigh and bent his head closer to her face. Waiting, just inches from her lips he exhaled on her just below her lips so that she would feel warmth on her chin and upper throat causing her to lift her mouth towards his.

He did not have to wait long. She responded just as he knew she would.  Her lips parted slightly and he captured them in a soft kiss. She closed her eyes as their lips came together. He pulled away suddenly causing Aspine to strain forward slightly trying to keep the gentle touch on her mouth. He enjoyed how she was responding to him. 

After realizing that he was not going to kiss her again she opened her eyes and sat back in the booth. Slightly flushed and a little embarrassed. Aspine looked hungrily at his mouth, biting her lip gently, to keep from asking him to kiss her again. She shrugged off the thought that she still did not even know his name. Honestly, she did not care at the moment. She wanted to stay in the bubble of feeling he was creating.

"I'm Brian by the way." He offered, finishing off his beer and spinning the bottle neatly to the center of the table.

"Brian." Aspine repeated softly. She knew there was a good chance she may not remember his name later on.

"Let's get out of here" Aspine suggested

Her eyes met his just long enough to see his blue eyes sparkle and then quickly changed to something lustful, feral, and maybe even a bit dangerous.

They left the booth together and walked out into the night air. There was a small mist of rain falling, but not enough to deter any of the couples milling about in it. Her feet knew exactly where they were going even though her mind was vehemently saying this was not a good idea.

"Where are we going?" Brian asked.

"Shhh! Don't worry. It is not far and I will have you back before Max or anyone misses you." Aspine said, turning to shoot a reassuring smile over her shoulder and grabbing his hand.

They arrived at the infamous alleyway. The same one she trudged through to get to the bar. The same alley that was the destination for many late night and early morning trysts. They would be just one more. The rain picked up slightly and before long,  puddles started to form and their clothes were sticking to their skin.

Aspine pressed Brian back against the brick wall of the dry cleaners. She took one more longing look at his lips before crushing her mouth to his. She sucked on the sweet softness of his lips, gently biting and tugging on his lower lip until he groaned with his own overwhelming need. She pressed the weight of her body against his, effectively pinning him to the wall, while she continued to assault his mouth. She loved how he just took it. His hair was plastered to his head and his shirt was drenched through to his skin. She knew her blue bra was going to soon be visible through the light pink blouse she was wearing.

Brian grabbed her ass and squeezed two perfectly round handfuls as he pressed her against his body. He was erect and the pressure of her body against him felt so good. He liked that Aspine was being the initiator. So many times he was left wondering if one of those groupies were going to cry rape. To be honest, groupies were few and far between. He was a bit of an introvert and preferred the company of his music and a few good porn sites. He had no desire to leave a string of love children in his wake or deal with crazy exes.

Brian was surprised at how strong this tattooed little blonde was. He was not planning on having sex with her in the rain, let alone in an alley but he had to admit it was exciting. He moved his hands up to the middle of her back and unsnapped her bra through her wet shirt. They never broke their lip-locked connection. He felt a special connection to her and he used that to justify what was happening. What exactly was happening? He questioned. Not so much what. He knew the what,... but why?

They were breathing heavy. She stopped kissing his beautiful mouth once he unsnapped her bra.
Aspine rolled up his tee short and planted a line of kisses from his sternum to his belly button, rolling her tongue on his skin just above the line of his belt. Brian ran his fingers through her short hair. His dick stiffened in anticipation.

Aspine gently nipped at the skin above his belt before undoing it. She spread the jean material to the sides and ran her hand up the length of his bulge through his underwear. His breath caught at the sensation. He had barely recovered when he felt her hot moist mouth on his flesh, sucking gently on his swollen head as she peeled his underwear down. Her tongue danced a lovely waltz along the length of him. Brian moaned a chorus of his own as Aspine's head bobbed up and down. He could not think a clear thought as he was consumed with sensation.

Aspine loved the way he tasted, not caring in this moment about any consequences. She was always so calculated and planned. It felt so good to be free for just this one moment, just this one adventure. She had given only a few blow jobs to her last boyfriend and quite frankly he never really seemed to enjoy it so she was quite happy to hear Brian's moans.

Just as she thought, her ex was an asshole. Emboldened she deepened her stokes and took almost all of his long hard length into her mouth. Brian let out a long hiss and pressed back into the brick wall. Aspine looked up at him as she wrapped her hands around his slick length.

"Where are you going?" she asked teasingly.

"I'm going to come if you keep doing that" Brian replied in a husky voice that surprised even him.

"Well, Brian, isn't that the point?" she said in between playful licks.

"Not here Aspine. Not like this." Brian said capturing her chin to keep he head up and her eyes focused on him.

Aspine looked confused for a moment. What was happening? He somehow grew morals after his cock was in her mouth? Then she semed to understood that he wanted this to mean something. 

Brian watched the play of emotions on her face. He wanted this to happen just as much as he didn't want it to happen. Nothing lasted when it started this way. His body was betraying him.

She had to be honest with herself and admit she was slightly disappointed. She wanted to stay in this bubble of ....
What was this anyways. A drunken hook up in an alley? Some weird, risky fantasy? Rebound sex?

"I just want to feel. Not think, can you give me that Brian? Just this once. Can we not be the respectable people that everyone needs us to be? Can we steal an illicit moment for ourselves and tomorrow we can go back to being who we usually are. But tonight, in this moment, I want to just feel and not think." Aspine implored as she squat before him. 
Aspine looked up at him as she spoke smiling wide, eyes sparkling like gems.

Who was he to not grant her this one small request and let her chin fall as he released her. Aspine quickly went back to work on his member setting a boiling heat in his lower body like nothing he had ever felt. He let the wave after wave of sensation flow through his body until he was trembling with the need to release. The intensity of what she was doing to him was more than he could stand. He pushed gently at her head to get her attention.

"Aspine, stop." He said though gritted teeth.

He helped her stand. His fingers grabbed at her wet shirt and pulled her close as he breathed deeply trying to stay the imminent eruption in his lower body.  His hands found the buttons of her blouse and made short work of them as he kissed her deeply exploring the sweet beer tasting insides of her mouth. He sighed into her mouth as his hand found the soft wet, skin of her breasts and coaxed her nipples into hardened peaks.

Brian moved from her breasts down her milky white stomach, tracing the vine tattoo that extended from her neck to her belly button, ending in a broken bleeding heart. His fingers played across the heart feeling the slightly puckered skin. This was new, a fresh tat. He wondered if there were other fresh emotions to go with it. He met her eyes, but saw nothing as they were closed. Her body moving against his, waiting.
"Take me Brian" she whispered it as a tiny plea

Brian pushed her panties and shorts down in one movement as she stepped out of one leg and propped it up on the wall he was leaning on. He grabbed her bare ass and lifted her onto his engorged member. He gasped as he entered her inch by slow inch as she worked with him to lower herself onto him completely. He knew that there was no way he would be able to go slow and was glad she was controlling the tempo....for now.

Aspine braced her other leg on the wall and lowered herself onto Brian, feeling the sweet stretch of her center as she slid down on him. He was velvety smooth and iron hard, all at once. Their connection so full and right. She held on to the back of his neck and using the wall as leverage. Aspine lifted herself up and back down again, taking more of him into her as her body adjusted to his size. Her core squeezed his hard length. Brian buried his face in her chest. There were no need for pretty words. He grunted and groaned in pleasure as she found her pace and used his staff as she saw fit. Her tight center squeezed and massaged him.

The rain fell then, drenching them. He tightened his grip around her hips and moved her up and down, pounding her body against his until they were both heated and breathless. The rain only slightly soothed the rising heat they were experiencing.  They set a fast driving rhythm. Both reaching for the explosive crescendo their body craved and needed. He lost himself in the sanctuary of her body and she in his.

Aspine's forehead was against his as he tightened his grip on her waist and pounded her body down on his. Her feet slipped off the wall and wound around his hips to allow him complete control of the song he was playing with her body. She moaned wantonly, not caring about anything, only this moment. This beautiful magical moment.

Her thighs quivered as his long length found her most hidden places over and over, stroking them, caressing her insides, making her slick with desire. A raging heat curled deliciously in her core. He sucked hard on her nipple. Her body tightened and her center clamped down forcefully on him. She was going to explode on him if he did that again... and he did.

Aspine jerked and threw her head back, gasping at the overwhelming rush of tingling heat flowing through her body. The motion of flexing her hips forward unintentionally adding more pressure to the already rock hard length buried deeply inside her. She felt the deep throbbing as he surrendered to the beautiful music their joining created.

Brian stifled his own shout in her breast as his orgasm savagely ripped through his trembling body causing a forceful release. He was thankful he was able to use the wall as support because that was truly a knee weakening release. Brian desperately wanted to cling to this moment for all time, but he knew she did not want the same thing.

His thumb brushed absently over the tattooed heart on her belly as his breathing returned to normal and he planted a trail of kisses on any bare skin he came across. Brian could feel her trembling and the flutters against his flesh had finally stopped. Aspine was wringing every last drop from him.

With a strength that surprised even him, Brian lifted her up on his shoulders and inhaled their mixed scents before delving his tongue in her secret place and tasting what they had just shared. Aspine moaned and writhed as he licked and sucked on her sensitive bud and explored her slick opening with his tongue and soft lips.  She held on tightly as she pressed her center into his face. Before long his expert tongue lashing gave way to another powerful climax that had her pulling his hair and scratching at the brick wall.

He sucked hard on her pearl and pushed two fingers inside her drawing out the length of her pleasure. Aspine's  moans began increasing in octaves with each hard suck. He relished the contractions around his fingers and the wet juices running down them as he coaxed her pleasure to new levels of sensation. Aspine collapsed against him as her orgasm finally ran its course.

All too soon, he felt Aspine loosen her legs from around him and swing down so she was standing in front of him about to pull up her wet clothes, smiling.

"Wait, not yet" He placed her hand on his once more hard member. Brian pulled Aspine around so that she was facing the wall.

"Spread your legs for me and place your hands flat against the wall." He whispered in her ear.

She barely had time to do as he asked before he filled her once more. A primal grunt escaped as he plunged deeply into her slick depths. He could still taste her on his tongue, his fingers still wet from her desire. Brian gently spread her cheeks and inserted a finger in her opening.

Aspine immediately stiffened at the sensation, causing a beautiful pressure along his length. He retreated his finger and pushed in again kissing and encouraging her to relax. How he wanted to bury himself in this tight space. He found a smooth pace as he fingered her ass and pounded her hard from behind. He felt her relax finally and give herself up to the sensation.

Aspine's hand slowly moved down the wall and found itself rubbing  her swollen nub in time with the long hard strokes Brian was filling her with. Her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy as she contracted hard and was overtaken by a swift, powerful orgasm.

Brian uttered a hoarse curse as he too found his release moments later. He removed his fingers and he slipped from her body. Totally spent, he breathed heavily on her shoulder. Moments later, they both dressed quickly in their soaking wet clothes. The rain shower had not yet ceased. Turning to face him, Aspine sighed contentedly.  She smoothed her wet purple bang away from her eyes and leaned in to kiss him.

Their skin was soaked through from the rain and moist from one another's kisses and coupling. They clung to each other as they trembled slightly from the cold that was now seeping into their bones. Reality began poking its dismal head into the space of feeling that they had created. Their shoes were squishy and full of water, yet neither wanted to be the first to end this hot, wet moment.

That is all it was supposed to be for Aspine. This was not the finely orchestrated love story after a long and meaningful courtship but the quick connection, the raw hunger of their bodies, slightly out of sync, but harmonious all the same. They both knew that this moment was fleeting. Soon to be a whispered about happenstance. A lurid memory that they would share with no one else, but smile when they remembered the heat of this moment they shared in the alley.

"I am not going to see you again am I?" Brian asked, already knowing the answer.

He experienced an unfamiliar longing in his chest and an unfulfilled desire in the pit of his stomach. Aspine shrugged and said she did not know and mumbled something about being broken. Maybe she would look him up next time he was in town.

He had played for her and she had come. Answering his soul deep call, but he was no fool. Tomorrow he would be in another town, another bar. He would not play the song again until he returned in a few months and hopefully then she would come see him.

With a final kiss goodbye and not even a look back, Aspine walked away. He watched her disappear into the far end of the alley hoping she would turn one last time, but she never did.

If you love someone let them go....

He finally turned and made his way past many other couples in that dark alley and went back to the bar. He hoped with all that was in him that she would return to him. Somehow he knew she was the missing piece to him. His Aspine.

3 months later...
Everytime it rains Aspine's mind wanders back to the night in the alley.

Aspine found herself still revisiting that night many times. Sometimes daily if she was being perfectly honest. She had to admit that she felt more than she was willing to admit for a man she had only met once.

It was a deep connection unlike any other relationship she had ever had. She reminded herself it was just supposed to be a random hook up. While she was out running errands, Aspine turned on her car radio. She heard a new song by the group called Aspen Rain. As soon as she heard the lyrics, she knew he had written the song for her, about her. She smiled and tears filled her eyes. In the song, he expressed all of the things he could not tell her in the rain. That was the hook of the song. Her heart made an odd thump and was filled with an emotion she was not ready to admit.

Over the next few months Aspine scoured the internet for any little snippet of info on Brian's band's schedule. She found a happiness replaced her broken heart that her ex had left. On a whim, she made an appointment at the tattoo shop just up the block. Over the next few months the song reached number 1 and she could not go anywhere without hearing it.

6 months later...

Sitting on her balcony porch with the intent of reading a magazine, music from the bar woke Aspine from her Saturday midday nap. Simon, her spoiled tabby, was asleep on her lap. She heard a song that seemed distant and yet somehow familiar. Before she knew it, she found herself in the alley and shortly thereafter was pushing open the heavy bar doors.

There he was, practicing alone on the stage. He was lost in the music he was playing. He was playing the same song he played to her the night they first met.  

Realizing he was no longer alone in the bar, Brian turned in her direction. His eyes traveled down her torso to just below her half shirt. He saw the heart at her belly button was no longer red and bleeding. It was now gold and flowers bloomed where teardrops once were. He looked down at the Fender he held, readjusted the strap and took a deep breath as his heart swelled with love, desire and hope.

Brian finally looked up from his favorite Fender, meeting Aspine's amber eyes and smiled.  He stopped playing as the last few chords shimmered in the air between them.

“You called?” She said, smiling brightly, as she approached the stage.

“You came.” Brian countered.

"Not yet, but I hope you will remedy that after...dinner at my favorite place? Then you can tell me all the things you couldn't say in the rain." Aspine said hopefully.

Brian smiled all the way down to his heart. She had heard him. And she had come.

Putting his guitar in the stand he jumped down off of the stage and embraced Aspine. He smiled down at her as his finger rubbed the new heart of gold on her stomach. Aspine smiled back up at him. Neither saying a word. The beautiful serene bubble had engulfed them both. They knew they were right where they needed to be and with the person, they needed most.

Both were so glad a song and a wet rainy night had brought them more than just some random hookup in the alley.

A crack of thunder rumbled through the bar and the lights flickered briefly. A torrent of rain followed as they looked toward the one window in the place.

"Hmmmm, looks like rain" Brian said before he captured her lips in his and at the same time began to capture Aspine's heart.

The End
©Venis Nytes

©Venis Nytes


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