New story for the month of May


Last month I introduced you to my WIP The Ties that Bind which has now been changed to Evolv.

For the month of May, I gave you a taste of Mending Fences and not one but 3 short stories and drum roll, please!

Starting tomorrow through the end of May you will get to read the starting bones of what I am calling a reverse paranormal romance story called TIME LESS.

A new part will be released every other day. I realize you have lives and your own writing and reading to do. I hope you enjoy the first draft of this story. I don't have a timeline for getting this story done yet so feel free to fall in love with it but know you will be waiting for a while before I get back to it. 

I am focusing on my Short Story collection and my novel Ginnie Transformed for release this year. In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy TIME LESS and can connect with the characters.

Thank you in advance for hanging out with me on my blog, supporting me with your visits. Hello to all aspiring and future writers. Remember, you can connect with me on social media. links are on the hello page. Scroll to the top to see it. 


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