November writing update


It's November,  my birthday month and the anniversary of the day my brother died. Both are just a day apart. The first week of November is hard for me and I having been mourning every year since that fateful day when he gave his life to save someone else. 💔 I was just getting to know him and then he was gone.

It's also Nanowrimo. The writers fast track time of the year. This month writers are expected to write 50k words or what is considered a complete book. Social media is filled with anxiety, depression and some proud moments of meetingb thy he daily goals or crushing them. I don't take part. For the last two years that I even knew about it, I did the large chunk of my writing in October knowing, November is a rough time.

So I'm hashtagging 

#nanowrimounofficial or #unofficialnanowrimo when I post word count goals.

I set up a kdp account earlier and have been considering writing on Vella. I have two new wips I am working on.

The first is a holiday themed story based out of my Forestdale world called The TwELFth Before Xmas. I am working on it offline. I have also never written a holiday based story so wish me luck.

Here is a sneak peek at the cover and a small blurb.

I created a patreon account but I am not sure how to use it. I originally made some patron levels but they are not what I want. I can't figure out how to change them. At the lowest level of $3 per month you are paying $12 for a year. Not a lot of money but if a story isn't created in full, or they can buy ebooks for less 

I would love to have my writing available on my own website and have people pay a small minimum per chapter. They wouldn't have to buy coins. Unfortunately I am not sure how to do that either.

I started an exclusive story for Patreon and am up to 4 chapters so far. I am working on it offline. I don't have a cover idea for it yet. I am not sure if I am going to do anything with Patreon unless I can figure out how to change the patron levels. Hopefully soon I can crack the code. I want to share the title with you but then I can't really say it's an exclusive story for patrons, so I will not release any information on the new story and continue to write it offline. I will say I can easily see it being a series. 

If I decide to put the two new stories on Vella, I will let you, my wonderful readers know.

Ginnie Transformed has received some decent love for the first five chapters a total of 90 pages. I have quite a bit more ire to go in the story and really want to publish it.  As I mentioned previously it will be a thick novel. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading! You reading, votes, comments and reviews mean so much to me.


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