TIME LESS part 8


TIME LESS part 8 (first draft)

Taluk and William

Taluk awoke early over the next few days and took his fill of the hinds he came across. Roaring his dominance and pleasure. William noticed that he was not eating as much and had to urge him to eat often so that he could keep up this furious mating pace. William felt responsible and was truly sorry he had caused his stag to miss out on the previous rutting seasons. It seemed like Taluk was trying to make up for lost time. Surely this could not be normal mating behavior. William also stopped fighting the mating and allowed the sensation to flow through him. He could not totally open himself to it but it was easier and more enjoyable to absorb the sensation instead of fighting it. The hinds seemed to also respond and were receptive to Taluk's mating.

While Taluk rested William would attempt to communicate with the stag. He showed pictures of submission to the animal to get his attention. Taluk stubbornly ignored him at first but as his natural instincts were being sated he eventually opened his mind and on the 4th day as he was resting after a particularly heavy day of mating. William saw his opening and rushed through the the tiny golden space he had found a few days earlier tucked in the corner of the Stag's mind. Colors exploded around him and he felt an unfamiliar pulling as he was sucked into the opening further and further. He tried to resist the merge at the last minute but it was over in a few moments.

Taluk's eyes snapped open and he bellowed long and loud. Steam and saliva dripped from his mouth. He got to his feet and violently shook his head, stamping his feet  and swung his antlers into a nearby tree. He was trying to dislodge William. William held onto his connection for dear life. He felt every part of his being fill the animal, merging, becoming one. He felt air coming in and out of their lungs, his heart beating, the ground beneath their hooves and the disorientating pain from banging the antlers on the tree.  It was painful, but William held on and rode it out until the animal settled down and crumpled to the ground in a defeated huff. 

He could now smell, feel and see everything Taluk did as one, not as just a bystander.
"Parasite." He heard Taluk think
"A parasite? That is what you thought I was Taluk? He spoke directly to the stag somehow knowing that he understood him now. A thousand images flooded their shared mind and they immediately knew and understood each other's life story. They both were honorable and strong willed. They soon understood why they were chosen for the merge. Even though Taluk disliked Binne for what she had done, he could not deny that her wisdom was spot on.
Taluk finally spoke to William in the language of the humans.
"We are one now. Neither master to the other. And yes, I thought you were a parasite. You hitched a ride in my body, neither helping nor making me better, stealing bits of me for your own use. That is what parasites do. Do they not?"

"You refused to make this easy Taluk. I see you were supposed to allow the merge at the beginning and maybe things would not have been so disagreeable for the both of us." William responded "but in your true nature, I had to fight you for dominance as it were, and in your stubbornness, you have bruised our antennae."
William used that same trail of light that he found the opening for the merge and traveled to the spot that was causing pain and manipulated the cells to heal the damage. Relief washed through both of them.
"Thank you William" Taluk said after a moment "We are simple creatures. Man is not much different at the base level. Eat, sleep, procreate. However, I see much distraction and betrayal, Things that are allowed but not needed for survival. You also...." Taluk became quiet as he looked at one particular memory with fascination and interest. William tried to close it off but was not sure exactly how.

"What is that lingering after you mate?" Taluk asked. William was silent wanting to keep the word for himself.

"William" Taluk addressed him by his name for the first time "What is that lingering after you mate?"

"It's nothing." William snapped. "How do I turn off this infernal sharing?"

"We are one, human and we share everything. You can simply make it dark, like so." Taluk showed him.

A darkness descended in their mind. Taluk was blocking out things he had previously had open to William. Moments later light filled their mind and he was able to see those things again.

"Now you try," Taluk encouraged William. "I need you to get this part right, so I can finish the mating season in peace. You will need to use this to deal with it since you have such a disdain for it. I have to warn you that now we are fully merged the sensation and the need will be all consuming. It will be harder for you to separate yourself."

An uncomfortable silence stretched between them and again William felt bad for denying his stag the rut. Taluk scratched his side with his back hoof.

"What will happen when I am in human form and I want to..." William searched for the right word

"Mate?" Taluk said

"Humans do not mate. We have sex, we make love, we... fuck" William answered harshly not knowing why he was so offended "Will you give me the same privacy?"

"Sex. F..Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Taluk repeated several times not liking the abruptness of the word.

"Stop saying Fuck. You are making it weird." William snapped, frustrated once more.

"From what I saw you enter the female and thrust until you spill your seed. That is mating." Taluk said nodding their head "Then I suppose later they have babies just as our species."

"Here." William sighed visibly, the big stag's chest heaving "Look into my memories so you can see the difference." 

He showed him first a couple being tender and making love, then he showed him rape. He showed him things he had seen in porn with men and women engaging in sex acts together, he showed oral and anal sex. He showed same sex partners engaging in the same types of sex acts. He showed him fetish and BDSM. 

Taluk saw all of this and he also saw the stereotypes and stigmas, more as feelings than the literal words. He saw the malice and ill will associated with these images and memories and was quiet for a long time. The thing that stuck out the most was the choice humans had.

Humans had the choice of whom they mated with and when, most of the time. They were not confined to a season. Taluk found this interesting. He could not believe that the humans were so complex and did not understand why they felt superior to any race when they did acts of malice to one another, even ending their own species lives, which even an animal as simple as his species knew from birth was wrong. All lives in the species were important.

He went back to the memory of the loving couple many times. He felt the lingering there again. It was a new sensation and he enjoyed it. He shook his large frame as he let the feeling roll through his senses.

"What is that lingering feeling afterwards?" Taluk asked in awe

William remained silent.

"You are withholding the word for the lingering from me William" Taluk stated "Why is that? Is it connected so deeply to your humanity that you cannot share it?"

William simply stated that he was tired and had enough sharing for now. He grayed out the images and put up several layers of the darkness over the image that Taluk kept returning too. It did not matter to Taluk. He would not soon forget the images or the feeling. The merging expanded his mind and memory so now he would not forget so quickly as he did when he was just an ordinary stag. Eventually he would figure it out or just ask that she devil what it was that the human was hiding. She would know.

"I can hear your thoughts still. Why do you call her that?" William spoke suddenly feeling he had to defend Binne.

"You question why I call Queen Binne that? I must have really done a number on you when I hit my crown on the tree. Do you not see the situation we are in. Is this natural?..No I would think not, but here we are. Not for a small amount of time, human. We are immortal. Destined to be this way forever. An eternity. Stuck in this Time. We are ...Time Less. No life cycles just in our prime forever. The mating is the best part I must admit, but in a thousand years will our minds and body grow weary of the same thing. You were bored, human, after 6 months of my life," Taluk answered, curious as to why William did not feel the same. 

As Taluk spoke he realized why the humans had so many distractions.

"Don't call me human with that tone of voice. We are neither masters of each other," William quoted back at him.

To be continued...
© Venis Nytes


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