TIME LESS part 5


TIMELESS part 5 (first draft)

Suddenly she appeared in the woods and they walked together. The human took over his vocal chords and spoke through him. The sensation strange and wonderful at the same time.  Taluk felt something inside him grow and expand.  The desire to be as he was, filled him, expanding until in a brilliant flash of light he was now in human form.

William as the human was known was able to embrace her, touch her. He allowed her to touch us freely. It was exciting to Taluk. For the first time he did not fight the change or try to reassert his will over the human. After speaking with her briefly,  he was filled with an immense sorrow.  Then as quickly as she had arrived she vanished again.

William stood with his arms empty in the clearing at the edge of the forest. Celestina had simply vanished into thin air. 
"No'' He said to the empty space. In a flash of blue and white light he returned to his stag form and bawled long and deep. He thought that if he resumed his deer form the loss and hurt he felt would lessen, be easier to deal with. He was wrong.

"What are you doing Taluk? I heard you cry out but you don't seem to be injured"
A beautiful white doe with ruby eyes emerged from the forest. "Why were you in your human form? And what is that odd smell you are emitting?

"You are full of questions Queen Binne." Taluk moved over to the lake and lowered his head for a drink of water. William decided he would shrink himself inside the male stag and let Taluk respond. He did not feel like entertaining any questions. He did not feel like any company. His thirst quenched he turned and walked toward the woods. But Taluk was oddly quiet and since she was speaking in the language of humans, he had no choice but to respond.

"I asked you a question Taluk. Why were you in your human form." Binne repeated. " I can understand in the beginning but you' re in your second season. Is there something you need to discuss with me?"
As the queen of this region, Binne had made the decision to bestow the gift of  immortality on him and given him a new name. She had found him as he lay dying in the road after being run down and left for dead almost two years ago.

"Why won't you call me William?" He finally spoke

"You know why. Your time as William has ended. Your new life is here, in this time where you are Taluk. Strong,  Honorable. You saved me from a horrible fate of being hit by that car and as my gift of thankfulness I bestowed an incredible honor on you. I do not ask for anything except you embrace this gift. I have never been human so I do not know if that is a preferable form for you. I am learning as well Taluk. So I need you to answer me." Binne stated gently.

"I am lonely." He did not want to say anymore. He pawed at the ground in a show of agitation. Taluk then grunted and snorted in rapid succession, a common form of communication during the mating season.

"You are a Grand Red Stag, you have the pick of any doe you want. You have not participated in the rut. You must embrace the Stag. Loneliness is a human emotion that is obviously making you very unhappy."

"I am human. I was human, I don't know how to be something else I am not. I don't want to sound ungrateful." He said finally.

"Well you are not doing a very good job" Binne said moving further down the bank, away from Taluk.

"There's a girl, a woman." William said.

Binne stopped and waited for an explanation

To be continued...
 © Venis Nytes


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