TIME LESS part 13


TIME LESS part 13  (first draft)


7:30 AM

I quickly turned, put on some panties. I grabbed a tee shirt, pair of shorts and my tennis shoes and slipped them on and went towards the bedroom door wondering briefly if I should put on a bra. Bra be damned. I did not want to miss them. Who knew, with my luck, this could all be some Twilight Zone  shit happening. But in the odd case I was fully awake...well, I did not want to miss this rare opportunity.

I snuck out of the house and was heading towards the back yard when I saw the stag lying in the grass nibbling the blades around him. I have to admit I was scared and excited. I think I peed myself a little when he... they....damn, what am I supposed to call it, lifted his head and looked at me expectantly.

Celestina approached him slowly going for the bucket of nuts. She did not want to startle the big buck. Grabbing a few out of the bucket she kneeled down close to the stag and fed him a pecan. Taluk made sure he made contact with her skin, although it was not necessary for him to do so to take the nut from her. She wiped her hand on the grass unconsciously. Then worried if that would make a difference and allowed the drool to remain on her hand the next time she fed him a pecan. She cracked a few for herself and gave Taluk some without the shell. The stag eagerly took them and nuzzled her for more. Celestina laughed.

William was getting anxious. He tried to speak through Taluk but the stag only made grunting sounds. After a few unsuccessful attempts. He gave up.

Celestina assumed that he was trying to communicate with her but she did not speak deer. She reached out and stroked Taluk's back and side. She decided she would just talk to him and hopefully he could hear her and understand. She told him what she had been doing for the last few years. She talked mainly about school and a few dates she had gone on and about her parents passing away which he already knew about from her aunt Rebekah. Her aunt told him about how much she missed her sister, Celestina's mother and said that he would like her daughter and maybe he would meet her one day. Little did she know she was increasing his desire to see her again. Celestina then told him the story about her and Billy at the lake. She remembered vividly their last kiss together.

"How did this happen to you Billy?" Celestina wondered aloud 

"Uncle Tyler says it was a hit and run. Is that really what happened or were you...killed?" saying the last part somewhere between a whisper and a gasp.

He couldn't respond as he had warned her earlier. To be honest he did not want to talk about it.

Taluk nudged her lightly and she absently fed him another pecan. Taluk spit it out and shook his head. 

Celestina looked at the rejected pecan. Realizing she had left the shell on it. she laughed. "You are spoiled already aren't you big fella?" she said patting his flank.

William was slightly appalled at his behavior but when she fed him the shelled pecan he had to agree it was much better.

"I have made a mistake?" Taluk questioned William

"It is rude to spit things out in front of people, especially women" William responded "It's called manners. A set of rules that govern the way a person behaves. So as not to offend someone."

"I am not a person, I am an animal. A majestic stag... but still we are an animal. You seem to keep forgetting that Hu...William." Taluk felt William's sense of despair at his words. 
Then he felt a lightening of his spirit. "What is it William? " Taluk asked intrigued

"We are both. You are part of me and I am part of you. That means you are now part human Taluk." William said 

"I will consider the spirit of the human as a compromise" Taluk responded. "Even with all of your technology you humans are barbaric, primitive even in the grand scheme of the universe."

'That was kind of harsh.' William thought before he spoke to Taluk again.

"She is beautiful, Taluk." William said gently guiding the stags head so he could see her better. Taluk had no opinion either way but felt the rush of emotion coming from William. 

While she talked she snuggled up to the stag. William hoped he was not missing anything of dire importance as she spoke and he kept a rambling conversation with Taluk explaining as best he could what college was and the internet.

Taluk put his head down next to her. William remembered the lake, the first kiss. He was still disappointed that she did not realize that he was the same Billy from the moment she saw him, but she had not seen him since he was an adult and he was not even sure what he looked like now.  Had he changed that much since they were young? Looking at her filled out curves and he had to consider his transformation into adulthood must have been pretty significant. He recognized Celestina from the moment she had the blow out. He listened as Taluk rested in the yard. The sun had come up and he could hear her relatives moving around and talking in the kitchen. Taluk raised his head slightly at the noise. His ears rotated listening. By nature he was alert and ready to bolt. Celeste pet him and in a whisper asked him to please stay a while longer. After a while he relaxed and put his head back down. He made a chewing motion as he settled back down .

When her aunt pulled back the kitchen curtains she was not expecting to see her niece out there sitting and talking with the deer. She grabbed her camera and took a few pictures. She was pretty sure Celestina would appreciate it. She tapped lightly on the window to get her attention and hopefully not scare the deer. Celestina looked up and waved. Then pointed excitedly to the deer and gave a thumbs up to her aunt. Her aunt smiled and returned the gesture.

Taluk nuzzled against Celestina and licked her hand. She stroked his fur. It felt very nice and relaxed him almost to the point of nodding off. Celestina touched Taluk's antlers. He proudly shook his head and then stiffened slightly as she planted a kiss on his nose.

"What was that William?" Taluk asked " Is she tasting us? Is she going to eat us?"

"It's called a kiss" William laughed in his mind "It'a a form of affection. She is letting you know she likes you. I mean us. And no she is not going to eat us"

"Your kind eats us. It's a serious concern." Taluk balked

"Taluk did you like how it felt?" William asked him kindly

"I... yes... yes. It was soft and a little wet" Taluk said as he nuzzled Celestina and licked her cheek.

He wanted to make sure she could get back to them. He could not deny the strong feelings he was experiencing from William. He started thinking about the hind again and William could see and feel the red haze starting in their shared mind.

"William, it is time to go back to the hinds." Taluk said

"I agree." William said "We will return here soon."

"Maybe she will come to us" Taluk said

"Maybe Taluk, Maybe ..." William hoped

To be continued...

© Venis Nytes


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