TIME LESS part 12


TIME LESS part 12 (first draft)

Celestina’s thoughts sent chills racing through his upper body and exquisite heat running through his lower body. William reached above his head with his right hand and grabbed a branch over his shoulder to steady himself. He closed his eyes for a moment to savor the feeling. How he had missed this.

"Celestina, what are you doing? Turn around and face me." He said his voice a full octave lower. 

Celestina turned around and immediately noticed the effect she had on him. William was clinging to the branch like a lifeline. She could see evidence of his arousal. He made no move to hide it.
Smiling, she invited him to try it.

"You can kiss me back if you like" Celestina said inviting him to return the affection.

No sooner had the words left her mouth, did she feel a soft pressure on her lips. His lips were full and softer than she imagined. William imagined sucking on her top lip ever so gently then trailing kisses down to her throat.  He kissed his way back up to her beautiful mouth. Celestina stood in the window with her head slightly to the side and her lips gently parted. William was moved by her beauty. 

The little glint of silver around her neck caught the moonlight glowing slightly against her tanned skin.

"What is that around your neck?" William murmured still sending her images of him kissing her lips and neck. She felt his hands roaming up and down her arms and back. Her core tightened. Her body flushing everywhere he touched. Wanting, encouraging him to wander further.

Celestina's mind was clouded with desire, her eyelids drooping, as she breathed her answer. This was most amazing dreamy insanity she had ever experienced. She was just going to go with it.

"Billy's mother gave it to me. He died while I was away in school and..." She stopped speaking. A sadness started overtaking her. Her mind filled with the image of them taking that plunge into the lake. William stopped kissing her when he saw his red hair, his freckles, his green…

"Billy?" Her eyes opened wide. "Oh my... Fuck! Billy, is that really you? How can it be? You're supposed to be d..dead. I put flowers by the road for you. I met your mom!" Stepping closer to the window she pressed against the screen trying to get a better look and close the distance between us.

William smiled broadly "Hello Celestina." He noticed tears in her eyes and his smile quickly faded. A single tear spilled over, running down her cheek. Her hand was on the window, wanting to touch him. She was even more beautiful now, like this.

"Don't cry" He imagined holding her in his arms to try to soothe her but that just brought on more tears. He wanted to have her in his arms kissing the tears away.

Taluk was confused and becoming restless. He noticed that the lingering feeling was growing in William. He did not understand. They had not yet mated. He would ask him about this later.

"Sunrise will be upon us soon and I am getting tired" He reminded William in a semi bored tone.

William did not want to leave her like this but he could not chance being seen. He called her name gently. "Celestina, I have to go now."

"No" William heard it it in her mind well before it reached her lips. Celestina wiped the tears from her face.

"I cannot argue with you.  I don't want to go but I promise to come back soon. I need to figure out how we can be together. Trust me, now that I have you here. I won't let you go." He promised

The words hung in the air between them. A promise from so long ago.

"I have an idea, why don't I just come outside" Celestina suggested.

"OK but I can't talk to you once I change back to my other form.  You're not supposed to touch me when I am like that, but it is the only way we can see each other so make sure you allow Taluk to touch your skin." William tried to quickly explain.

William did not care that he was directly disobeying Queen Binne. All he cared about was seeing Celestina again.

"Change back to what? Who is Taluk?" She asked

"Taluk is the name of my stag form." William answered as he grabbed a few more pecans from the tree for Taluk that were hanging just above his head.

"The Stag? Are you the green eyed deer I keep seeing? " Celestina asked

"Stag...Yes ...and Yes, I apologize I can't always control him" He said cautiously as he waited for her to take all of this in.

He hoped she would not freak out. He gave her a few moments to digest all of this. Celestina had gone eerily still. Only lifting her eyebrow.

William did not move. He did not want to give her any more reason to be freaked out. Considering what she was having to digest. She was remarkably calm. After a few moments she still had not run off screaming, so he continued.

"Can you come to the meadow in a few days? It's a bit more private and out of the way. I will have more time to explain. You were there already. Do you know how to get there again?"

"How do you know I was in the meadow?"  I asked. A million other questions were running through my head, but that was the only one that made it out of the jumble of thoughts.

"We...I smelled your perfume. " He stammered. William was still trying to think as an individual.

She wrinkled her nose, cocked her head to one side and looked at him curiously. Then shook her head. Celestina opened and closed her mouth a few times but nothing came out right away.

"I am not ... you know what? You can explain another time. We can meet around back by the bucket Aunt Rebekah keeps for y...for Taluk" I couldn't picture Billy eating out of a bucket.

William shook his head in agreement. His eyes shined with happiness as he looked at Celestina. A flash of heat winked across her body causing a deep flush.

"Go on three?" she asked shyly. William smiled and blew her a kiss. She pretended to catch it.

“Go on three!” William happily responded

Turning around on the branch,
"1" William climbed down the tree

"2" He sprinted across the yard and around the side of the house and put the nuts he picked up in the bucket hoping she would feed the stag.  

"3" They both said that at the same time. He quickly transformed back into the stag form.  

Things were getting easier now that they were of the same mind. He quietly thanked Taluk. He knew he could not speak to her directly so Taluk lay in the grass and waited for her to approach him


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