TIME LESS part 11


TIME LESS part 11 (first draft)

A sound right outside of my window woke me up. It sounded familiar. Like the sound of laughing I heard the other day. I wondered if kids were in the yard and got out of bed to see what they were up to. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Sitting in the tree just outside my window was the man from my dreams. He wore a white tunic styled shirt and dark trousers. His feet were bare. His hair was loose and hanging down his back in dark red wavy ringlets. His broad back and shoulder muscles rippled underneath his shirt, barely containing his bulk as he quickly pulled pecans from the tree.

"You're real!" I said more to myself than him.

But he heard me and slowly turned around swallowing the remnants of the last pecan he had just put in his mouth. His eyes brilliant, sparkling green made me catch my breath as he looked back at me.

William looked at the beauty in the window. His Celestina. His heart pounded with excitement. A smile crept across face. She could see him and she was not asleep. Looks like the queen got it wrong. He smiled widely and slowly approached the window.

“I know you. You are from my dream….” I said with disbelief  “But I am awake, How is this possible?”
As William got closer to her, she became fuzzy and hard to see. William stopped walking, confused. Taluk was confused too.

Celestina saw him stop a few feet away from the window. He looked blurry. She rubbed her eyes but it didn't help.

"Celestina can you hear me?" William asked just above a whisper

"Yes" I answered

"I cannot come any closer. I wanted to see you so I came to you, but I guess it doesn't work that way. We can talk and still see each other clearly if I stand about here." He said backing up. “I'm sorry, I didn't think it through properly.”

“What was your plan to watch me while I slept?” I asked ”Kind of creepy don’t you think?”

“I had not thought of it that way” He said flustered, embarrassment reddening his face.

“It’s ok, your laughter woke me up. I can think of worse ways to be woken” I said

“Can you see me? Am I clear to you?” He asked in rapid succession, hoping desperately that he had not vanished.

He could see her clearly now, the thin material of her nightgown left little to his already heightened imagination. It clung like silk tendrils softly caressing her curves. Her hair tumbled around her face and her high perky breasts with large taut nipples pressed against her nightgown, calling to his manhood.

Celestina’s eyes roved hungrily over his body, taking in his muscular chest and arms, imagining running her fingers through his hair, remembering how hard and solid he felt in her dream. Her breasts immediately went taut and a slight tremble in her center ignited the small flame that had been growing since her dream the other night. She was picturing herself in his arms pressing her body tightly into his.

William gasped slightly as he felt the warm press of her body against his. He figured it must be the remnants of connection leftover from when Taluk licked her. He silently thanked Taluk. She felt so soft. His body reacted with a combination of heat and hardening. He was barely able to keep a stoic expression. He decided not tell her yet the effect she was having on him  because he did not want her to stop.

"Yes I can see you better now, but I don't want to wake my Aunt and Uncle." I said in a loud whisper.

William smiled and said ”I can hear you just fine, just speak low and normal, You can whisper if you like.”

William definitely did not want anyone else to see him. There would be no way to make them understand his choice. He was concerned now that if Celestina could see him, perhaps others would be able to see him. He would have to be extra careful, possibly leaving the immediate area. Taluk snorted his disapproval.

"Do you know who I am Celestina?"

I shook my head no, "until a few minutes ago, you were someone in my dreams. Names aren't important when you aren't real." Remembering that he did not reveal his name in her dream.

He understood her logic, but the truth still stung. "look closer at me and see if you remember. " He implored.

Welcome to the idea of looking at my dream man, I eagerly started at the top of his head. My eyes slowly crawled over every delicious muscular inch, then returned to his face, his eyes...looked familiar but I chalked it up to my dream. Still I shrugged and shook my head.

He wanted her to remember, to figure it out on her own. He knew Celestina saw the sadness return to his eyes, the same look he had in her dream. She wondered how he knew her name.

Feeling a bit confident, William had an idea. He would try to see if he could follow her path back to her mind and expand it so that he was in the same space as her.
"Close your eyes for a minute, I am going to try something." He concentrated and Taluk lent his energy as well. "Try to imagine me standing next to you." 

I closed my eyes, brought him into my memory in perfect detail, except I kept seeing him naked. Again I tried and for a second he was in the room but I got excited, nervous and a little scared and broke the connection. Nervously, I laughed. My eyes fluttered opened.
"I'm sorry" I said
"It's okay, let's try again." He encouraged.
We tried for a few more times but nothing happened. I was too distracted. My mind kept wandering. My imagination was running wild.

William and Taluk saw tiny glimpses of her desire for him. It was arousing them both, making it hard for him in more ways than one. William tried to hold onto the line back to her mind but it was frayed and chaotic. He was too new at this to hold on to the connection for more than a moment.
Finally, William said "Celestina, this won't work if you cannot control your thoughts. I can see what you're thinking." He was not upset.He spoke calmly. He was getting turned on which made it difficult to concentrate as well..

"Oh my God! Please tell me that you are joking!" My face flushed a deep shade of crimson. I could not decide if him seeing what I was thinking, was worse or the fact that he was so calm about it. Embarrassed I turned away from the window, inadvertently giving him a splendid view of my rear. Inwardly, he groaned and Taluk grunted deep inside. 

I was embarrassed, yet turned on and feeling a bit mischievous. I decided to see if he could really read my mind. I envisioned kissing him on his neck and jaw. Running my tongue along the seam of his lips. I heard him gasp slightly. This made me smile. I imagined running my hands over his chest and arms followed by kisses on his bare chest.


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