Mending Fences-short story


MENDING FENCES a MMF short story (first draft)

Note: after a pretty successful run on Literotica, it has now been expanded, edited and included in my erotic short story collection Kissing in the Rain 

Here is a small sample of the story:

Lysa sighed and walked out to sit on the back patio. The night air was crisp, and the leaves were just starting to turn colorful shades of orange and red. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the broken slat in the fence. It wasn't broken when she bought the house 3 weeks ago. The longer it sat like that, the more annoying it became. Lysa had attempted to contact the neighbors on the other side of the fence, but they were either avoiding her, or they were on totally different schedules.

Stretching out on the rattan sofa, she put her feet up and wiggled her toes. The air felt so good on her feet after a long day in pumps and stockings. Again the missing slats in the fence beckoned, and she decided she would go over in the morning before she left for work and try to see if she could speak with them about whatever happened. Her portion of the cost to have it erected was a pretty penny. Lysa resigned to the fact there was really nothing to be done tonight.

Out of habit, she reached over, without looking, to the little side table for her cigarettes. Her hands came into contact with air. Sparing a glance to the side, she realized that her cigarette pack was not there. Great,  she thought and hoisted herself up to go back inside and look for them. While she was inside, she decided to change into a comfy t-shirt and shorts. 

Gerald had been working 12 hour days, many days sleeping at the hotel where he managed, and Fernando had been away tending his sick mother. Both finally home, they wanted and needed to get in a little quality time.  After some quick hugging and welcome home kisses, Fernando suggested that they get some fresh air. On their side of the fence, things were starting to heat up.  Wanting to take advantage of the crisp autumn night air, they decided to take a dip in the pool. Stripping down to nothing, they both walked to the edge of the pool and toe tested it. Fernando pushed Gerald in, and Gerald managed to grab him as he fell forward into the water. 

They laughed and splashed and horsed around, reveling in the freedom they could enjoy at home ever since the last homeowners agreed to split the cost for the 7-foot high custom privacy fence. They ducked each other under the water, threw each other around, and ended up a mass of wet, taut limbs as they came together in a heated kiss.  


 ©Venis Nytes


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