2 sentence horror story- Permanent Vacay


This short story was something fun I decided to try while watching the series on Netflix. This story originally was written directly on my IG page that is why the length is limited but it was also an exercise in trying to tell a complete story in a limited amount of words. I added just a few more words since I have the space on the blog. Don't be surprised if you see more of these pop up from time to time on this blog.

In this story I was just angry and had a bad day so I decided to write a story. Therapists recommend journaling. I like storytelling better.

With my head up looking towards the sky

Permanent Vacation:

For years Katha had been living an unhappy existence. He got up early, made his breakfast and rode his bike 2 miles in the dark to the bakery that would soon be open to the bustling city of Ghonbury.
He was the first to arrive, the last to leave. Even though he had done this for years, he was never promoted, never recognized, never appreciated. Passed over time and time again, forced to train new people who would soon look down on him as they rose to the top positions and paid more money. He never called in sick or took a day off. He believed hard honest work was honorable. Though he was miserable inside, screaming in frustration, one would never know it. He continued to smile and work.
This morning his co-workers were taking a third break in under an hour, enjoying watching the sun rise. As they were looking up at the beautiful sunrise, they complained, saying that they would kill to be anywhere but working here. Meanwhile Katha raced around setting out the days delicacies, slicing breads and cakes in perfect portions. Once more, he was doing the job of 3 people. He even made sure he had time to make a few specials of the day and bright cheerful signs to announce them.
So it was totally unexpected that when the first customers arrived for the day, they were greeted by signs in bright red letters announcing all prices were slashed. The specials of the day was blood orange scones and blood orange sunrise smoothies.

Katha was upfront greeting the customers with a bright smile. He was pleasant and chipper as he served each patron with pride and a kind disposition. Every customer tipped and gave 5 star ratings for the refreshing change.
The normal workers who unenthusiastically assisted the customers slumped against the back of the building looking forever skyward. They got their wish and a permanent vacation from working there. Because Katha was kind, he had remembered to thank them for their contribution.

With my head up looking towards the sky
I never saw the knife coming to slit my throat.

original version written on March 13, 2021


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